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Atour Hotel Xi'an Giant Wild Goose Pagoda is located in the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda / Qujiang Tourist Area, located 200 meters north of the Yanta Intersection of the South Second Ring Road of Xi'an. You can watch the Music Fountain Square without leaving the house; Datang Furong Garden, Qujiangchi Site Park, Xiaoyan Pagoda and other scenic spots are only a 5-minute drive away. You can enjoy more local folk customs by walking. Palace National Heritage Park is very convenient to go out. There are more than 20 bus lines for you to choose from; exquisite, stylish and comfortable guest rooms, a western restaurant with sunshine and view (phase strokes), a spacious and bright multifunctional meeting room (common language), and a complete range The book bar (bamboo residence) and the self-service laundry room (dust extraction) that integrates washing and drying can meet the diverse needs of your journey.
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  • e01560741
    Still as always comfort
  • Evonne221
    Super comfortable, if not smaller room can catch a five-star hotel standards, very comfortable mattress, only just came in a little smell of damp, don't know the reason, ventilation have not, in short, evaluation of the five-star, tonight going to Taiyuan, I'm still Asian flowers!
  • fbdfly777
    Hotels in Nice, has direct access to all the attractions of a bus at the entrance, is very convenient. also discovered a very special place, send anti fog masks are available at Hotel is the ultimate intention, thoughtful. because he didn't want to go out to dinner in the evening, waitress helped cook the dumplings ... very, very extreme service. to next time.
  • yiyang123
    And mistress had a good time, great location, good concealment! first mistress
  • bbact
    Very satisfied with prices or special benefits
  • e00588264
    Very good hotel, really overjoyed, my husband liked their style and value for money particularly high, inside the hotel at the same price, very good! and self-laundry service Oh! the only bad part is, do not eat breakfast, and slightly more expensive, but really worth it!
  • lotto5m
    Room, breakfast, health satisfaction, next time will come
  • randot
    Very good hotel, location, travel to XI ' an excellent choice hotel. the hotel staff attitude helpful, great.
  • lc8230901
    Zhiqian in Chengdu live had Asia flower, impression very good, so to Xian decisive select, but is disappointed, first I in online set of is administrative big bed room, but to has hotel, told I only a between cannot open Windows of General big bed room, room is small, toilet bathroom more is small, fundamental on not I set of room type. Second, from pillow to sheets are no in Chengdu live of that between comfortable, is chain hotel of quality and service not should is as of did?
  • gin2000
    Inexpensive hotel and nice clean room environment very high
  • fabao
    Clean hotel, good service, big wild goose pagoda, Shaanxi Provincial Museum
  • m6yyy
    Away from geese Tower also is somewhat distance of, in game grid digital of diagonally across the, and Bai make digital is a building of, Bank of China of next, door head is unlikely to. a door on has plum juice also is what of drink, hotel personnel are compared enthusiasm. room has a freshman small of bed, meet parent-child tour, middle of small sofa also can let a child sleep, hehe. hotel with of slippers is praise, is that linen of, toilet paper is that color paper, with with assured. can in 12 floor self laundry, only notFoot is no small fridge in the room.
  • e04591890
    Location away from geese Tower is near, to see Asia first music fountain very convenient, just into hotel on think very warm, front desk of guy beauty very enthusiasm, help we is most right of staying room, also pointing tourism attractions of location, due to is children a people live, also help we to children room do has two Zhang room card, and active will two a room arrangements to recently, let people heart comfortable, room of hardware also is to force, let people has home of feel, bathroom facilities points reset reasonable, earlyMeals are sumptuous, where guests can find the food they need, service staff very friendly, say hello every time I see is smiling, and provide timely help, anyway, many hotels, this makes me feel nice.
  • e00083818
    Good clean and tidy
  • cat787
    Well ... ... Well ... ... Well ... ... Well ... ... Well ... ...
  • lj_43157
  • e02661091
    Nice Asian flower I feel so good
  • msamyfu
    Very well specially to adjust the Sunrise of the big room or breakfast roll is very good, my boyfriend went on ahead
  • vanessa_24
  • BABY11131
    Hotel is new, very clean, staff from top to bottom are polite. and 1 complimentary self-service laundry room, this is fabulous.
  • wxybuaa
    Not bad!
  • sasdiuals
    Is because in other city live had Asia flower this only select Asia flower, this wants to with Xian is Asia flower of birthplace should more wins a raised, results some was disappointed, may because front desk too busy, no longer has into shop on served tea, only himself; housing within no introduced Asia flower of having, so-called of book's just is to up unified concept, just pendulum has a small of square, this rather canceled; call let room Works Department to added mineral water, promised of is good results to second days away from shop also didn't sent to;Paper pumping no longer is color paper; shower between door opened direction is errors of, to security should to outside open; washing machine a is bad of, another drying function not works, victims of until midnight also didn't dry. only pleased of is morning is early away from shop front desk active for guest umbrella and sent to car Shang. good's, said has so more actually is wants to let Asia flower increasingly good, this emerging of high-end shortcut hotel brand also is worth promotion let more of people by familiar.
  • justforfun
    Good location, convenient, clean hotel Nice, little friends, next time will also be considered. DAI Qing, customer service-Zambia
  • jun-yi
    Location is very good, what is convenient, breakfast was very good, parking is not easy, parking is horrible.
  • dingxiang
    Hotel of location in game grid computer city opposite, from railway station has bus direct, to city several attractions also compared convenient. hotel free provides traffic card, but due to guest too more Qian two days useless Shang, later hotel personnel put himself of traffic card to we with, overall feel Hotel compared attention guest. loft has wash clothes, wash clothes is convenient. General this Xian line on accommodation very satisfaction, next months family to to Xian, has recommended they staying.
    Hotels are good and worth ordering. nice!
  • sinasa
    Thank ya hotel staff are given to Xian will choose one flower.
  • bo5421
    Very good hotel! service was great
  • Adaro84
    Very good location, good service quality, when you live here
  • carrieyang0920
    Which is very nice
  • bnuuyimo
    Hotel is great, every Member of the staff was very friendly with a smile on his face, is my best for guests staying at this hotel, very quiet. I hope you get better and better.
  • conanben
    Overall good hotel is the selected service, and just 11 golden week, it is estimated that too many people, there will be some services lagged, but does not affect travel, a little less noise.
  • apple_wlr
    Liked very characteristic of a store, the front desk service was excellent and treat people kindly, the mattress is as comfortable as advertised, hotel slippers, quality is not the same level, and overall value for money!
  • fengyuxia
    Bedding very comfortable bathroom is also very good more convenient transportation around the hotel go to the big wild goose pagoda takes 15 minutes on foot is the room where water more slippery after elderly people and children are more worried about the hotel may give bathroom door for carpet or absorbent articles for the edge
  • yangjiexiong
    Front desk service was very good, very enthusiastic, asking for route information can be quickly resolved, very happy with hotel facilities and equipment are in place, very much, very good sound insulation of the room, all in all very, very happy with, next time will come.
  • liuxy_ld
    Very good, are chain hotels, several in XI ' an, the beds are particularly high, a bit like a small double bed, big wild goose pagoda is only 20 minutes ' walk
  • freetravel
    Big love hotel of design sense! although day to of is late, and tired and hungry, but lobby, books are was pleasure! into to room on more happy has. away from geese Tower walk 15 minutes also is convenient. This is I live had best of hotel has. bathroom also is modern, bath supplies also is good. slippers are not general quality, absolute comfortable! check out Shi also sent has two bottle water said is road drink, really of is intimate. yihou also will to!
  • Australis0731
  • a396931510
    Asian flower in Xian have many clean affordable standard rooms are on the road or too soft and comfortable beds and pillows are good
  • e00325100
    Hotel in very good location, near the pagoda, and the flower is the preferred
  • sosonic
    Nice hotel, from the scenic area near. hotel to eat cheap.
  • bettisti
    Great, looking forward to again
  • yui0714
    The hotel is very clean, designed to be more petty, special toilet is quanlin character so I was pleasantly surprised ... very comfortable mattress, recommended.
  • alenpuma
    In Xian live of last a late, very satisfaction, hotel staff is enthusiasm, room within no odor, in this price of hotel I is quite satisfaction of. has points hope hotel can do of better, room within hope can equipped with refrigerator, can without put food, because hotel not received deposit. addition is hope hotel in hardware facilities maintenance Shang can do of better, details decided success.
    Friendly, clean, and Nice at the front desk, is the parking lot is a bit small, and overall satisfaction.
  • celler2010
    Really good, belonging to the light luxury hotels, convenient transportation, and transport mountain bikes for free use, hardware and software are great and will recommend
  • cruise33
    Hardware and software are very good, next time will also be considered. only a pity is that self wash clothes without detailed instructions. asked and 12 floors of the staff at the front desk, a person a saying, but I didn't dare to use.
  • jjeeffyy
    Fortunately, close to the big wild goose pagoda. personally feel South store better
  • roy1972
    The hotel is very clean.
  • bruceli
    Beautiful front desk